Commercial health and wellness essentials

The short phrase ‘health and wellness’ has become quite a positive buzzword nearly twenty years into the second millennium, now in the exhilarating but still challenging throes of the fourth industrial revolution. This new revolution poses a number of challenges on a number of fronts, but mostly in the workplace. While many men and women have been able to take personal ownership of their health and wellness on the domestic front, even with the use of smart and innovative software driven apps as self-guiding and monitoring devices, it has been a lot more complex for workers and their managers and business owners to pull off.

Getting staff to sit still and do their work was all good and well in the past, but, particularly today, it has proved to be even more futile. Many staff members are still grappling with the use of new technologies. This puts added pressure on the worker, perhaps in the back of his or her mind preoccupied with the unlikely scenario of being replaced or made redundant through the implementation of robotics technologies which many are saying could be more productive and cost-effective to the business owner.

But at the end of the day, a human workforce is still required to make these technologies an efficient driver of business. It also requires a healthy workforce that is also essentially well. This is more than achievable through corrective and professionally driven occupational health and wellness practices and procedures. A comprehensive and all-round approach is taken to motivate staff to become healthy, well and, mostly to the advantage of their managers and owners, more productive and efficient.

New entrants to the job market can also be measured to ensure that they are healthy and suitable for competitive work environments.